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Make a Difference to Law School

Since its foundation, the Law School of Dalian Maritime University has been committed to nurturing and developing the students’ legal consciousness. The School’s rapid development over the years has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our staff, students and graduates have brought the Law School increasing recognition through awards for both academic and research performance. 

The Law School is driven to provide academic excellence and opportunities to students, and to serve our community and world by addressing society’s most vital legal issues. We are a law school on the rise, shaped by hard work, driven by our mission and committed to providing the best education and personal transformation possible.

In the pursuit of reaching new heights and nurturing students to professionals, the Law School appreciates and treasures the generosity of all its donors. The giving is exclusively dedicated to generating scholarships. 

Private financial support affords all who benefit from DMU services and programs even greater levels of access and opportunity through innovative new programs; funding for student scholarship awards; technology, equipment and improved facilities; and recruitment and retention of the faculty who continue to make this school a center of excellence. 

  • Contribute to general development and initiatives that enable the law school to meet new challenges with more flexibility. 

  • Fund programmes and research in the pursuit of academic and research excellence. 

Develop comprehensive student support initiatives to achieve whole-person development of students.

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