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25th Oct 2014: A Talk on Poverty Alleviation

Published on:Oct 25, 2014

25th Oct 2014, 9:30

A Talk on Poverty Alleviation
Do you know what life is like in poor and remote mountainous rural areas? Can you imagine yourself living in those areas without enough food and water? What have you done for those in property, donating money and clothes? Have you ever thought about giving a hand to children who cannot afford tuition fees?
In our country, present situation of poverty is worse than your imagination. Our country has made great effort to solve this problem. However, it is far from enough. The scheme for poverty alleviation in the future will be shown during the talk. And we will tell you recent caring donation activities in Law School, which offer opportunity to devote your compassion. Come with your love!
Date: 25th Oct 2014
Time: 9:30 A.M.
Venue: Room 301 of Baichuan Building
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