Yen-ChiangChang:The Sino-Canadian Exchange on the Arctic: Conference report


The Sino-Canadian Exchange on the Arctic: Conference report



The Arctic issues are no longer only of concern to the inter-Arctic, as regards regional matters, rather, they involve the interests of States outwith the Arctic and the overall interests of the international community. In 2018, China issued a White Paper on China’s Arctic Policies, which is the first White Paper from the Chinese Government, concerning the Arctic Region. As a proactive actor in Arctic affairs, China is keen to participate in affairs concerning the Arctic, in seeking to build the, ‘Ice Silk Road’. In May 2018, Dalian Maritime University organised the 5th Sino-Canadian Exchange on the Arctic, to bring together academics and policy makers, to discuss various issues in this field of research and concern. This brief report provides details of the key issues discussed during the conference which may assist in developing a better understanding, in order to achieve good Arctic governance.


Sino-Canadian exchange

Arctic policies

Recent development in the Arctic

Strategic and policy cooperation

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