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Chinese Journal of Maritime Law

  • General Information

    Chinese Journal of Maritime Law (quarterly, formerly named China Maritime Law Annuals) is run by China Maritime Law Association and Dalian Maritime University, furthermore dominated by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade as well. The Journal is one of the CSSCI Extended Edition (2012-2013) assessed by Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index of Nanjing University. Its predecessor was China Maritime Law Annuals founded in 1990. The Journal came out quarterly with the approval by publishing competent department, which is the only one academic authoritative serial publication concerning marine area legal issues such as maritime law and law of the sea. Si, Yuzhuo, famous expert in maritime law research and a primary author of The Maritime Code of the People's Republic of China, works as editor-in-chief of the Journal.

    The Journal aims at presenting latest research in maritime law, discussing practical problems, publicizing recent developments about legislation, and reflecting the trend of maritime law”. The Journal publishes articles by professors, practitioners, judges, and students that divides into the following several columns: Modification of maritime law, Rotterdam Rules research research inthe Real Right Act of ship, maritime transportation research,, maritime insurance studies, research in marine salvage, research of the laws in general average, research in marine administrative law, research in criminal law on sea, research in sea laws, marine litigation and arbitration and case analysis. The Journal carries on anonymous experts two-way evaluation, guarantee the fair accuracy. There are many experts make gate keeping examination to those controversial articles in order to guarantee political nature, scientificity and innovativeness.

    Chinese Journal of Maritime Law is a recognized authority in Chinese maritime law area. Taking quality and maintaining academic morals, the editorial office is striving hard to create brand and produce top-notch works. As the CSSCI Extended Edition, the Journal refreshes idea and set a wider stage in the field of maritime law research and pritice.

    We only accept online submission. E-mail:hsf-nk@163.com.

    The Journal has been added to “Chinese Journals Full-Text Database”and “Chinese Core Journals (selection) Database”. Please advice if the author disagrees to file in database, we will make appropriate process. We have the rights to revise manuscripts technically and literally, please indicate if the author disagrees with modification. The views expressed in the publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Journal. Please do not submit receptively. Whether used or not, we will reply you in two months. The Journal will post to you once published.

  • Requirements of Contribution

    Requirements:①title;②name of the writer and writer’s working unit;③abstrct and key words;④translation corresponding to①②③;⑤main body;⑥references. The article counts 8,000 words.

    Contributions must specify the full name of the unit, province, zip code and all the author's birth year, sex, place of origin, title (position), etc. If the contribution is a project of fund, please specify the official name and item number.

    References are what the contribution cited directly, please sign in Word with the function ”Insert-Footnotes and Endnotes-Endnotes”, and list the references after the main body. Non-English references should be translate into English. Bibliographic format is as follows, please search in details: http://zghsfnk.periodicals.net.cn.

    (1)Monograph bibliographic format

    [Serial number] author.name of the book[M].versions(first edition can be omitted).place of publication: publisher. year of the publication: beginning and ending page number.

    For example:[1]Si Yuzhuo. Maritime Monographs[M]. Beijing:Publishing Company of Renmin University of China,2007:31


    (2)Journal logging format

    [Serial number] author.name of the paper[J].name of the periodical,year of publication,ISSN:beginning and ending page number.

    For example:[2]GuoPing,ZhuKe.From angle of the changes in the conventions of international carriage of goods to analyse the game of interests of both sides[J]Jounal of Dalian Maritime University(social science),2008,7(3):1-4.

  • Editorial Committee

    Chief Editor: Si Yuzhuo

    Associate editors:Liu Shujian, Li Hai, Han Lixin

    Committee Members:

    Wang Haiming,

    Wang Shumei,

    Zhang Yongjian,

    Wu Huanning,

    Zhang Xianglan,

    Meng Yuqun,

    Hu Zhengliang,

    Fu Tingzhong


    Yin Dongnian,

    Zhu Zengjie,

    Yang Liangyi,

    Gao Sunlai

    Editor: Sha Xiaocen

    Contributing Editor: Wu Xu, Ma Mingfei














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