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Professor Zhu Zuoxian, Professor Chu Beiping and Professor Han Lixin teach at the University of Hong Kong

According to the cooperation agreement between DMU and the University of Hong Kong, from February to April of 2019, professors Zhu Zuoxian, professor Chu Beiping and professor Han Lixin from DMU law school went to the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong to teach the course of "PRC Shipping Law", with a total class time of 30 hours.

During the course, three professors introduced in detail the latest theoretical development and judicial practice involved in each chapter of the Maritime Law in light of the progress of the revision and examination of the Chinese Maritime Law and their respective research fields, which brought Hong Kong students an authoritative interpretation of the shipping legal system in the Mainland China. During the course, three professors also had a warm exchange with the students who graduated from the DMU Law School and are studying at the University of Hong Kong.

The "PRC Shipping Law" course, which runs from February to April every year, has been officially launched since 2014, with about 30-40 Hong Kong University students enrolled in the course every year, including not only undergraduates and postgraduates of the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong, but also many well-known maritime arbitrators, lawyers and shipping practitioners in Hong Kong. The course has played an important role in learning from each other and understanding the legal system of Hong Kong and the mainland China in the construction of the one belt and one road.


Dates (2019)



Professor Zhu Zuoxian

February 21-23

Thursday to Saturday

Law of Carriage of Goods By Sea;


Anti-monopoly in Shipping Industry;

Property Rights on Ships;



Professor Chu Beiping

March 22-23

Friday to Saturday

Contract of Marine Insurance: Law and Practice in China;

Ship Collision: Law and Practice in China;

Professor Han Lixin

April 12-13

Friday to Saturday

General Average;

Limitation of Liabilities for Maritime Claims;

Time Bar;

Maritime Disputes Resolution;

(Timetable of PRC Shipping Law Course)

(Professor Zhu Zuoxian is giving a lecture)

(Professor Chu Peiping is in the course of teaching)

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