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The Center for the Public Law of the Sea (CPLS)

About the Center

The CPLS was established in 2011 as the first research centre in the mainland China which specializes in the public law of the sea. The Center provides research, professional advice and consultancy, teaching, training and capacity-building in the fields of the law of the pubic law of the sea. In 2015, the center was entitled by the Dalian Social Science Research Association as one of the municipal research centers.

Our goals are to (1) advance knowledge on public law of the sea, environmental law, administrative law regarding the sea, maritime public law matters and territorial studies, and other relevant issues primarily from the perspectives of domestic, international and comparative law and practice; (2) encourage and facilitate collaborative work within the Law School of the DMU, and also the broader community in the fields of comparative and public law of the sea in China and abroad; (3) provide the legal consultancy for the executive branches and make the dispute of resolution regarding the maritime public law more effective; and (4) protect the sea power of the mainland executive branches and then marine security, by studying on the maritime criminal issues.

The Centre has the following sub-centers on the extensive themes: Maritime Criminal Law Center, Ocean Policy and Legislation Center, Maritime Administrative Law Center, the Center for the International Law of the Sea, Maritime Law History Study Center, and Maritime Environmental Law Center.


Maritime Criminal Law Center

  • Professor Zhao Wei

  • Dr. Wang Zan, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Qu Sheng, Lecturer

  • Dr. Lin Leming, Lecturer

Ocean Policy and Legislation Center

  • Dr. Wang Yong, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Zhang Jingfei, Lecturer

Maritime Administrative Law Center

  • Professor Wang Shitao

  • Professor Wang Xiufen

  • Professor Yan Tieyi

  • Dr. Yang Xiaonan, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Wu Songyu, Lecturer

Center for the International Law of the Sea

  • Professor Qu Bo

  • Dr. Ma Mingfei, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Pan Xiaolin, Lecturer

Maritime Environmental Law Center

  • Dr. Gao Xiaolu, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Fan Wei, Lecturer

Maritime Law History Study Center

  • Dr. Gu Rongxin, Lecturer


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