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LLB in International Economic Law

Training objectives: the professional direction of training to master the basic theory of law, gain the comprehensive use of knowledge in business practice of composite type, export-oriented, application of international economic law of senior specialized talents.

Specialty: major in law (International Economic Law) combined closely and give full play to the advantages of Dalian Maritime University professional shipping, enjoy higher visibility in the international trade law, the law of the sea and other fields. The direction of specific features are: (1) to strengthen the cultivation of students' English ability, to carry out bilingual teaching main courses, to make students become proficient in foreign languages and international law, international economic law and versatile talents. (3) Way of cultivating talents of international exchange and cooperation in multi channels, multi way. (4) The judicial practice teaching platform in all-around way. 

Enrolling requirements: major in law (International Economic Law),four years of schooling, after admission according to the student volunteer and former two year test scores in the third academic year, the division of graduate professional direction, awarded the bachelor degree of law after their graduation. We expect the English speaking candidates with soiled political quality, strong affection in shipping industries, and who can strictly obey the discipline.

Main courses: jurisprudence, constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, administrative law, property law, creditor's rights law, commercial law, civil procedure law, international law, private international law, international economic law, international tax law, introduction to international trade law, international financial law, law of international technology transfer, international investment law, international commercial litigation and arbitration professional English, etc..


Employment prospects: Students are most likely to go abroad, pursuit a higher degree or being a civil servant. Apart from that, they can also do the work specialized in international trade, insurance, finance.


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