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Master of Laws

Master of Laws (full-time)

Dalian Maritime University Law School has formed an overall training system and been a national leading maritime and internationallaw school since its establishment. We strive to cultivate LLM students with the following features: comprehend legal theories, mastery in the specialty of law, own international perspective and independent research skills.

The LLM program is a  two-year programme. During their studies, students can have professional and overall training through international exchange programs, academic competitions, researches, legal clinics and internships.

Method of Learning and Teaching

The first year: Course learning

The second year:  Paper writing for master degree

Curricula based on different majors:

1. Maritime Law:

Civil Law,  Contract Law, Maritime Law, Maritime Procedure Law Contract of Carriage of Goods by Sea, Admiralty Law, Marine Insurance Law, International Maritime Conventions, International Maritime Legislation, Law of the Sea, International Trade Law,  Private International Law, Charter Party, Practice & Law on Shipbuilding Contract, Practice & Law on Ship Finance, Marine Pollution Damage Compensation Law, Maritime Law Introduction of US & UK, Shipping Regulations and Policies, Practice & Law on Ship Sale and Purchase, Maritime Arbitration and Litigation etc.

2. International Economic Law

Civil Law, Contract Law, International Commercial Arbitration and Litigation, Economic Law, Maritime Law, International Trade Law,  Private International, International Tax Law, International Investment Law,  Law of International Transfer of Technology, International Service Trade Law, Specialty English.

3. Civil and Commercial Law

General Principles to Civil Law, Property Law, Law of Obligation, Tort Law, Special Topic on Commercial Law 1 (Special Topic on Commercial Subject), Special Topic on Commercial Law 2 (Special Topic on Commercial Act),  Research of Family Law, Intellectual Property Law,  Research of Civil Procedural Law and etc.

4. Intellectual Property Law

Civil Law,  Contract Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, Commercial Secrets Law, Civil Procedural law,International Protectio of Intellectual Property, Trade of Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Management. 

5. Environment and Resources Protection Law

Principles of Chinese Environmental Law,  Principles of International Environmental Law, Marine Pollution Prevention Provisions, Special Topic  on Marine Environment Administrative Enforcement of Law, International Legislation on Marine Environment Protection,  Compensation Law of  Marine Pollution Damage, Special Topic on Management of Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea, Administrative Litigation System of Marine Environment. 

6. Constitution and Administrative Law

Civil Law, Jurisprudence, Administrative Litigation Law, Administrative Law, Constitution Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Administrative Law, Special Topic on Administrative Law, Maritime Administrative Law. 

7. Criminal Law

General Principles to Criminal Law, Specific Provisions of Criminal Law Practice, Criminology, International Criminal Law, Foreign Criminal Law, Criminal Psychology, Crime Prevention, Special Topic on Criminal Procedure,  Discussion of Criminal Cases. 

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